Tea Storage

TeaX Quality Guarantees - Professional Puer Tea Storage

TeaX follows rigorous quality control guidelines on all tea accepted into and stored in our warehouse for ongoing sales. So how exactly does TeaX store puer tea so that they will age in the way tea connoisseurs want for ultimate taste and value?

In order to safeguard quality and prevent damage, we set and strictly follow through certain guidelines while moving, handling, and storing tea. All tea sold through TeaX are stored in our professional warehouse, which is regularly monitored and meticulously regulated to meet the following criteria:

  • Stable Temperature
  • Stable Humidity
  • No Exposure to Visible Light
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Odorless Environment
  • Storing the Same Kind of Puer Tea Together
  • Inspection by Tea Master

Stable Temperature

A relatively constant temperature is essential for Puer tea storage. This does not mean that the temperature should never change. In fact, it means the temperature should only fluctuate within a certain range and this fluctuation should be kept to a minimum. Puer tea requires different temperatures in different seasons. The natural temperature changes in tropical climates are smooth and gradual. They provide tea with a natural aging cycle throughout the year. Aiming for a moderate-rate aging process, we regulate the room temperature of TeaX warehouse to always keep within 20°C - 30°C.

Stable Humidity

Humidity is perhaps the most important aspect of Puer tea storage. Puer tea stored in an environment with too little humidity will not age well. On the contrary, if humidity is too high, the quality of tea will decrease over time. Fluctuation of humidity within a short period of time should also be kept to a minimum. Thus, areas with stabler weather conditions and without extreme climates are ideal for Puer to age well. This makes Malaysia one of the best places in the world to store Puer tea. In addition to this natural advantage gifted by our land, TeaX also monitors the humidity of our warehouse to make sure it remains within 50% - 75% at all times.

No Exposure to Visible Light

Puer tea should be kept away from visible light, be it sunlight or other light forms such as light-bulbs, as the aging process of tea could be disintegrated by the energy in light. If a tea cake is exposed to light for some time, it will become darker and show a different chestnut-brown from that of natural aging. Puer tea stored with TeaX is kept away from visible light by using dark-coloured wrappings and packagings.

Proper Ventilation

Sufficient and proper ventilation is important for Puer tea storage; but just like the other aspects of tea storage and handling, balance is the key. Puer tea stored with TeaX is exposed to careful and calculated fresh air ventilation from time to time to gain the optimal outcome.

Odorless Environment

Tea leaves have the amazing ability to absorb ambient odors and flavours. To avoid odor contamination, tea must not be stowed together with strong-smelling substances or in any environment that exudes foreign odor. TeaX is unyielding on our policy of keeping all tea in an odor-free environment and placing Puer tea with similar aromas together.

Storing the Same Kind of Puer Tea Together

It is very favourable for the same kind of Puer tea to age together. Specifically, Puer tea of the same kinds age better if they are placed together, and even better, in bulk, which is how we do it at TeaX. Large quantities of Puer tea being stored together in a warehouse is definitely better than just keeping a single tea cake at home. The similar odor emitted from a tea cake will influence other tea near it, and the accumulated odor can overpower foreign odor if the bulk of Puer is large enough.

Inspection by Tea Master

TeaX is professional in both tea storing mechanics and tea quality assessment. Our professional quality control team includes tea masters with expertise and more than 30 years of experience in tea tasting and evaluation. They are in charge of regular assessments of the conditions of tea stored in our warehouse, by means of observation, smelling, and tasting after brewing. These multi-aspect assessments are carried out to ensure that the ageing process is going well, and to evaluate the latest market value of the tea.