Tea X
Selling Tea

If you have tea stored with us, you can create a list of your collection on Tea X to manage it more efficiently and realise the value of each tea to the maximum. Your teas will join the great collection of 100,000 pieces of Malaysian Storage tea currently listed. It is the best way to help them find potential buyers.

Simple way to sell tea on Tea X:

List Your Tea

Request to Sell your tea in My Inventory. Any tea stored with us can be listed.


Your tea is set as the same selling price as platform’s current selling price. Your tea will be listed upon Tea X’s approval.


After a successful sale, payment can be transferred directly to your Tea X wallet.

Why sell on Tea X?

You are in control – you decide when to sell your tea

There are no listing fees. You only pay 15% service fee on a successful sale

You can receive payment with your bank account or your Tea X account

Our valuation support can help you understand the value of your tea and decide on a right price to sell them