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Puer Tea Storage in Malaysia

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The storage environment plays a very important role in shaping the quality and flavor of Puer tea. The same batch of tea will have a completely different flavor and taste in the subsequent flavors due to the different storage environment, climate and geographical location. The storage environment in Malaysia, referred to as "Da Ma Cang", has become a new force in Puer tea storage because of its marine tropical climate, stable temperature and humidity throughout the year, small changes in a single day. It is gradually being favored and recognized. Now let us explore the historical factors that formed the concept of "Da Ma Cang" 

Malaysian storage, or "Da Ma Cang", is widely recognized by the global tea industry largely because of the highly identifiable flavour of the aged Puer tea. Historically, the very concept of Malaysian storage traces to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when throngs of local residents of the southern coastal areas in Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi of China left their homeland for Nanyang, in a bid to escape unrest or sustain trade. As time goes by, there were more and more people taking root here and forming Chinese communities. 

Those who are familiar with Nanyang culture know that Guangxi Liubao, Fujian Oolong and Yunnan Puer were the staple beverages of early migrants from China. Political turmoil in the late Qing Dynasty disrupted the trade route of tea between Yunnan and the Xikang-Tibet region. The only way was to turn south to Guangdong and Hong Kong, where the tea was redistributed to other regions, including Nanyang. A large number of Yiwu tea merchants had made their fortune, thanks to this trade route. They even set up branches in Hong Kong.

Puer tea that had found their way to Nanyang has mellowed over time, producing a smooth brew that has gained a large following among Chinese in the region. The number of tea drinkers keeps increasing. Today, Puer tea is a popular everyday beverage in Nanyang. This, coupled with its value as an investment item, has made Puer the foremost tea for consumption and collection in recent years.